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Conspiracy theorists target Youtube producer death

If you've been a fan of Youtube show, FPS Russia for a while now, you will already be aware that the reason no videos have been posted recently is because one of the show's producers, Keith Ratliff, was found dead on the 3rd January with a single bullet wound in the back of his head. What's got everyone riled up however, is that he was the one that procured the guns for show, which usually showed faux Russian Dmitri Potapoff (portrayed by Kyle Myers) firing off exotic weapons.

Due to the method of Ratliff's death and the fact that he held a license that gave me a huge amount of leeway with regards to weapons, including the importation, modifying, manufacturing and distribution of all sorts of guns, many people are calling foul play and pointing the finger all over the place.

[yframe url='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNPJMk2fgJU#!']

Some are suggesting that with Ratliff's connections he could have stepped on the wrong toes in the arms dealing business, something that from an outside perspective seems like the last thing you would want to do. People on the fringe of morality and legality are not the kind you want to anger I imagine. Others still are suggesting that this was an anti-gun killing, though it seems a little less likely considering a gun was clearly used to kill Mr Ratliff.

The final suggestion – as always – is that perhaps the American government did it. You know, that group of people that was unable to prevent information about its president having sex in the oval office from leaking out.

KitGuru Says: So KG readers, lets see how you fare. You've heard the other conspiracy theories, what ones can you come up with?


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