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Valorant ranked matchmaking is coming to the closed beta soon

Valorant has been in closed beta testing for the last week now, with players getting to grips with the maps and how to stay competitive. With that in mind, players are wondering when ranked matchmaking will be added. The good news is, it should arrive very soon. 

Currently, Valorant players can hold practise matches or take part in the standard matchmaking pool. Soon, a true competitive matchmaking mode will be added, according to one of the developers:

In the tweet above, one of Riot's developers says that ‘rated' testing is coming in a couple of weeks, so closed beta players will soon be able to start climbing the competitive ladder.

Valorant does already contain ranks too, so the foundation is there. There are seven main ranks: Mercenary, Soldier, Veteran, Hero, Legend, Mythic and Immortal. We don't know if ranking will be based on MMR, but likely will, as Riot is familiar with that system thanks to League of Legends.

KitGuru Says: I've been playing Valorant fairly regularly this week and so far, it is fun. It definitely shares a lot more with CS:GO than Overwatch. Have any of you played Valorant during closed beta? Are you looking forward to ranked matchmaking? 

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