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EKWB launches the EK-Loop vertical GPU holder

EKWB has launched a vertical GPU mounting bracket that uses two mounting points on the motherboard and “thicker materials than other similar solutions”. Thanks to the “patent-pending technologies”, the EK-Loop vertical GPU holder is a unique vertical GPU mounting bracket that rises above the competition.

Placing a graphics card vertically is an ongoing trend. Some people like to do it so they can display their cooling solutions, be it liquid or air. To do it, users can either use the equipped vertical PCIe slot or acquire a third-party bracket. Unfortunately, some of these brackets suffer from issues like lack of support, which makes the graphics card move around, or difficulties to route tubing or install fittings when liquid-cooling the GPU.

Taking these issues into consideration, EK has designed the EK-Loop vertical GPU holder to prevent them from happening. EK's vertical GPU mounting bracket is a patent-pending solution that can be mounted in “any ATX PC case that has an open-style rear PCIe I/O slot layout”. This black-coated steel bracket is 1.5mm thick and uses two mounting points (motherboard screw standoffs) to prevent the GPU from sagging and moving. To prevent damage on the motherboard, there are two plastic standoffs that should be installed before mounting the bracket and allow users to mount in motherboards featuring “intricate and complex aesthetical covers”.

The included PCIe 3.0 riser cable is 200mm long, which should be enough for most cases. The EK-Loop Vertical GPU Holder needs 6 free PCIe expansion slots and it can only be mounted in cases with an open PCIe expansion slot design. The GPU can feature a 1 or 2-slot design.

At a later date, EK will launch a vertical GPU mounting bracket that doesn't feature an open PCIe expansion slot design. The EK-Loop vertical GPU holder – Shifted moves the entire bracket forward to free up space so users can plug in the display cables. Each Shifted vertical GPU holder will come with a “special angled” 1.8-meter long Display Port 1.4 cable.

The  EK-Loop vertical GPU holder is available now for €64.90. You can learn more about it HERE.

KitGuru says: Do you already use a vertical GPU mounting bracket? What do you think about the EK-Loop vertical GPU holder?

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