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BBC iPlayer requests up by 19 percent

BBC iPlayer has been going from strength to strength in recent months. According to the corporation themselves, their demands soared by 19 percent.  Mobile and tablet requests made up 32 percent of total BBC iPlayer requests. This matches the record which they set in June 2013.

The BBC said that during August there were 234 million iPlayer requests, an increase of 19 percent year on year. August saw an average 7 million daily requests and weekly requests holding steady at around 49 million.

Bad Education, the first of BBC Three's scripted comedies to premiere on BBC iPlayer, generated over 1.5 million requests before it aired on BBC Three. A new BBC One comedy called Big School also proved popular – generating 1.1 million requests. Top Gear has always hit high figures and this hasn't changed with episodes 5 and 6 generating over 3 million requests.

The male to female ratio for iPlayer is close to 50/50 and the age group remains strongly under 55.

Kitguru says: A strong platform for the BBC which shows no signs of slowing down.

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