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Human powered iPhone charger hits Kickstarter

Are you sick of running out of power on the move? Then the Mipwr Dynamo team may have just the answer. It is an iPhone case with a hidden lever that can be pressed down repeatedly to charge the battery, but remains thin enough to fit in a pocket.

The inspiration for the charger came after Hurricane Sandy when getting to a power socket was impossible. Ideal for situations when you are stuck in a remote location or in the middle of a disaster.

There is a switch on the side of the case which releases a small lever at a position where it can be gripped comfortably. Pushing this down spins a magnetic dynamo inside the case and this charges a 400 mAh battery through electromagnetic induction. One minute of squeezing the lever will get around 30 seconds of talk time according to the design team. After charging, the lever can then be locked back in place, hidden out of the way.

The device also has a port to charge via a Micro USB connection. After being fully charged the Mipwr Dynamo battery offers enough power for two hours of talking or texting.

The developers only have a working prototype for the iPhone 4/4S but they plan to use the funds from the current Kickstarter campaign to get a version created for the latest iPhone. They want to raise $78,000 with pledges starting at $25. If they raise enough then the plans are to start shipping  in February 2014. So far they have only raised $2,700 with 18 days left to go.

You can read more over here.

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