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Hiring ex-hackers is the best way to protect a business

More than two thirds of IT professionals agree that hiring an ex hacker to handle cyber security for a business is the way forward. Research by recruitment firm CWjobs makes for interesting reading.

40 percent of those surveyed said that there was a lack of skilled candidates available to fill roles and to protect companies from growing threats. More than half said they thought that their company didn't take cyber security serious enough.

Richard Nott, the website director at CWjobs.co.uk said “These findings present an interesting tactic for those keen to find new ways to meet the demand for security professionals within their organisations – though perhaps one that should be treated with some caution. What is clear though, is that cyber threats are growing and evolving on an almost daily basis, so having skilled candidates who understand and can navigate this environment to protect the business is now crucial.”

Two thirds of people surveyed said they would consider a retraining course to take on a cyber security role, due to the increasing demand.

Many hackers have already turned into security experts, including renowned security consultant Kevin Mitnick.

Kitguru says: The only concern for a business based on previous research would be the ‘trust factor' involved – handing over sensitive company data to a person who has shown scant regard for the law in the past.

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