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Affordable Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper on its way

French researchers from the Institut Polytechnique Grenoble and the Centre Technique du Papier are in the process of developing a wallpaper that blocks a range of Wi-Fi frequencies. The smart reams of paper are to be known as Metapaper.

The triangle snowflake pattern found on Metapaper is where its smart characteristics originate from. It is covered in a conductive ink that contains particles of silver. Plus if you don't like the pattern, you will be able to cover it up with more traditional wallpaper without affecting Metapaper's abilities.

Affordable Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper will be sure to please those in tinfoil hats

It isn't a fail proof solution for those in tinfoil hats however, one would have to cover doors, roofs and windows in the wallpaper as well to ensure no Wi-Fi signals leave or enter your basement – or house. Even though many Wi-Fi frequencies will be blocked, your mobile phone's calling, texting and 3G data connectivity abilities will be unaffected.

The French researchers say that it will be rather affordable as well; costing as much as conventional wallpaper. A far cry cheaper than previous attempts that cost some £500 per square foot. Metapaper is hoped to be launched sometime next year.

KitGuru says: We reckon if you're going to do this you may as well go all out and live in a first-storey basement for the remainder of your days.

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