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Earthquake zone residents urged to leave Wi-Fi open


In the wake of the Italian earthquake which has claimed the lives of several hundred people, local residents of stricken areas are being asked to remove the password protection on their Wi-Fi networks, as mobile networks continue to remain down. The Italian Red Cross put the call out first, as …

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France considering blocks on Tor, free Wi-Fi

Politicians of the world are still scrambling to react accordingly in the wake of increased numbers of terrorism linked attacks in recent weeks, but the overarching response has been focused on technology and surveillance than anything else. France may well go further than most though, as it's said to be …

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OfCom: Christmas lights could kill your Wi-Fi speed

Sharing pictures and videos of your celebrating family and friends may be a little harder around Christmas according to OfCom, as those fairy lights that we add to trees and other parts of our homes, could have a negative impact on your Wi-Fi speed. They join a long list of …

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U.S. companies fined for blocking customer Wi-Fi hostpots

The Federal Communication Commission has stated its intention to crack down on companies blocking Wi-Fi hotspots created by its customers, with fines being levied against two hotel and convention centre owners for doing so. It's claimed that the blocks were designed to encourage the purchasing of expensive Wi-Fi time sold …

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Virgin puts Wi-Fi in Buckinghamshire pavement

Although rural areas are gradually getting access to 3G and 4G services, coverage outside of cities and large townships still isn't great. One solution that Virgin is trying out in the small market-town of Chesham, Buckinghamshire, is what it's calling “smart pavements.” It involves the creation of public Wi-Fi stations …

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Mesh Elite Game Changer 980 Gaming PC Review

Mesh is one of the oldest names in the UK PC manufacturing business. The company has been selling computers since 1987, and although the last five years have had their ups and downs they appear to be back with all guns blazing. The Elite Game Changer 980 sounds like a …

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Intel unveils WiGig-powered 7Gb/s wireless docking tech for mobile PCs

Intel Corp. has formally unveiled its wireless docking technology first announced last year. The new tech will be supported by laptops, tablets and 2-in-1 hybrid systems powered by the company’s next-generation microprocessors code-named “Skylake”. The new tech will rely on WiGig technology and will eventually be accompanied by Rezence, a …

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LG’s new wireless speakers know when you are nearby

LG H4 Portable

LG revealed some of it's upcoming “Music Flow” wireless speakers today and while not available until after CES 2015, if you are looking for some cable free music, you might want to hold off for now. There are three versions in the range so far: the battery-powered  Model H4 Portable, the Model HS7 …

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Broadcom debuts 3.20Gb/s 802.11ac six-stream platform for routers

Broadcom last week introduced the industry's first six stream 802.11ac MIMO platform for home networks. Broadcom claims that its 5G WiFi XStream is up to 50 per cent faster than MU-MIMO routers and gateways. What is important is that the company’s technology can boost network performance of existing devices. Broadcom's …

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Affordable Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper on its way

French researchers from the Institut Polytechnique Grenoble and the Centre Technique du Papier are in the process of developing a wallpaper that blocks a range of Wi-Fi frequencies. The smart reams of paper are to be known as Metapaper. The triangle snowflake pattern found on Metapaper is where its smart …

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