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Toshiba’s adapter converts HDDs into wireless storage devices

Wireless hard disk drives are extremely convenient and easy to use. But their major problem is a rather high price which prevents many people from buying large wireless storage devices. Fortunately, it looks like Toshiba Corp. has found a solution for the problem. A U.S. division of Toshiba on Wednesday introduced its Canvio Wireless Adapter, which allows to convert any external hard disk drive into a wireless hard disk drive.

The Canvio Wireless Adapter is compact and easy to use: it should be connected to an external hard disk drive and a USB power source. Then, tablets and smartphone users can wirelessly access the drive to store, share and stream their content. The Canvio Wireless Adapter can share content with up to eight other devices at once, allowing family and friends to easily access and download photos and videos and teams can easily access presentations and documents in business meetings. Both Android and iOS apps are available from Toshiba now.

The Canvio Wireless Adapter makes it simple to instantly add high-capacity storage to any device by wirelessly uploading pictures, videos and documents to an external hard drive instead of using internal NAND flash storage.


The device includes an Internet pass-through mode, allowing users to simultaneously maintain their connection to the web and the Canvio Wireless Adapter when connected.

The Canvio Wireless Adapter is available for purchase at select retailers for $79.99 MSRP.

KitGuru Says: while converting external hard drives into wireless storage devices sounds like a good idea, an even better idea would be to convert an internal HDD into such a device since it would be a lot less expensive.

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