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The Wi-Fi Alliance has officially launched WPA3

It wasn’t too long ago that the KRACK Attack essentially rendered every single WPA2 network insecure. Since then, the Wi-Fi Alliance has been working on the successor, and today they finally launched WPA3, which is fully immune from the KRACK Attack.

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced the launch of WPA3 via their website and went in-depth about what level of security you expect from the different types of WPA3. WPA3-Personal, what most users will be using, provides a more robust password-based authentication.

This goes even for people that use passwords that lack complexity, due to the use of Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE). SAE works by sharing a cryptographically strong key with each peer on a network. SAE is resistant to offline dictionary attacks and uses Forward secrecy to protect data traffic even if the password was to be compromised.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has also revealed that WPA3 is interoperable with WPA2. This is part of the Wi-Fi Certified WPA3 certification that is not currently a requirement but will be as WPA3 matures.

KitGuru Says: WPA3 can’t come soon enough, and it appears the Wi-Fi Alliance has crammed as much security as they can to avoid another KRACK situation. How long will you wait before implementing WPA3?

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