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Magazines and audiobooks coming soon to Google Play

Yesterday Google announced its new Google Play brand which integrates Android applications, music, movies and books all into one service. Now magazines and audiobooks may be on the way to help turn Google Play into a more developed and expansive ecosystem.

Google Play will soon welcome in magazines and audiobooks

This development came about as an audiobooks page was found within Google Play’s help pages. These help pages have empty sections for “Audio books” and “Magazines and journals.”

The addition of audiobooks and magazines would also put it up on the save level of Apple and Amazon who currently offer similar kinds of content. Unfortunately it is not yet clear when and who will be able to access magazines and audiobooks through Google Play.

Google’s move to the Play service suggests that there is the intention to expand and streamline its content. While dropping the Market label shows at least an attempt to get away from the view of being a application-only store.

Kitguru says: Google Play seems a bit odd from a marketing point of view but if the content is there the end consumer won’t mind.

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