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iPad 3 will damage handheld console sales in 2012/2013

With the imminent release of the stunning new iPad 3 the market is gearing up for a hot n’ heavy 2012 with no signs of slowing down in 2013. Global demand for tablet PC’s of all styles will rise to 130 million in 2013 according to reports from Taiwanese supply chain makers.

Last year global tablet PC shipments peaked at 60 million and Apple accounted for 40 million, showing their incredible strength in this sector. Tablet PC sales are expected to hit 95 million in 2012 with more growth in 2013.

Much of the sales in 2012 will be driven by Apple, as the new iPad 3 will attract a wide audience thanks to the super high resolution 2048×1536 screen and quad core GPU processing power from the new A5x processor.

The potential for the iPad 3 as a very serious gaming tool will have serious ramifications for the gaming industry as it will cause sales problems for Sony and Nintendo with their latest handheld gaming consoles.

The fact that the iPad 3 store infrastructure will offer cheap , casual games attracts a very family oriented audience who are able to download in the comfort of their living room. Professional game studios will also find the new quad core GPU and super high resolution screen very enticing, with the potential for reaching many millions of customers via the Apple store.

Sony Vita: facing a tough sell against the iPad 3?

Make no mistake, Sony and Nintendo will both be very concerned right now about their sales projections in the next 18 months.

Kitguru says: iPad 3 we predict will be the single biggest gaming machine over the next year.

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