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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom released on bail

It has been exactly a month and two days since Kim Dotcom and three of his high-ranking employees were arrested in Auckland over file-sharing and copyright allegations and today Mr Dotcom was granted bail. The other three have already been released on bail. The North Shore District Court (literally 5 minutes drive from my home,) granted him bail after newly discovered information showed that he does not have the funds or resources to flee New Zealand.

While US prosecutors believe Mr Dotcom has access to more funds in hidden bank accounts, the judge felt it was unfair to keep him in custody over a mere assumption.

The 38 year old is just happy to be going back to his $30 million mansion, which is New Zealand’s most valuable property.

“I’m relieved to go home and see my family, my three little kids and my pregnant wife.”

Whilst happy to be released from prison, Mr Dotcom has some rather strange bail conditions to oblige with. The more standard conditions are that no helicopter is allowed to travel to his home, he cannot travel further than 80km and he must give Police 24 hours notice of any appointment that involves him leaving the mansion.

The most bizarre and almost comical condition is that he is not allowed access to the internet due to the prosecutors believing there is a high chance of re-offending.

Kim Dotcom and the three other men will be back in court in August for their extradition trial.

Kitguru says: We hope he doesn’t suffer too much with no internet access.

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