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France’s biggest file sharing site has been shut down by Police


The biggest file sharing website in France, Zone-Telechargement, has been shut down after being seized by the police. This will see millions of file sharers looking elsewhere for their content, as Zone-Telechargement was ranked as the 11th biggest website in France at the time of its shutdown. Launched in 2011, …

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UK government wants 10 year jail sentences for online piracy

Following on from an almost year-long consultation on the matter, the UK government has decided that two-year maximum prison sentences for those caught sharing copyrighted material online might not be enough, and now wants to push for a ten-year maximum sentence instead. According to an Intellectual Property Office report, this …

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Pirate Bay return far from smooth sailing

The return of the Pirate Bay at the beginning of February should have been a triumphant one, with fans and staff happy to see the classic face of online file sharing back to its old self. Unfortunately for them though, its rebirth has been anything but that. On top of …

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Rapidshare will close. No longer feels like sharing


Filesharing sites tend to have pretty short lives, with most popular sites being forced to call it a day after a few years at most. Rapidshare has been though its share of ups and downs, but it has been around for a long time now, since it was first founded in 2002 …

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The Pirate Bay is back… sometimes

The Pirate Bay, perhaps the world's most well known torrent site, is officially back online after weeks of downtime, marking the site's longest outage in its 11+ year history. However, it isn't all smooth sailing, as despite its seeming imperviousness to traffic spikes and overloaded servers before its downing, TPB …

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Fallout at TPB, admins and moderators jumping ship

The past month has seen many a file sharer await with baited breath the return of the infamous Pirate Bay torrent search site. Since its downing late last year, its future has been up in the air, but in February at least, it looks likely to return. However, according to …

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Pirate Bay still popping up, added Phoenix

Visiting the Pirate Bay in the last few years has felt like stepping back in time. Its design never really changed, apart from a few new homepage links and the creation of the promo-bay. And yet in the last couple of months change is all we've seen from TPB. After it …

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UK continues to lazily block streaming sites

Despite knowing that they're incredibly easy to get around, a new High Court ruling this week has once again forced the top ISPs, BT, Sky, Virgin, O2, EE and TalkTalk to initiate DNS blocks on media link and streaming websites, because of their affiliation with copyright protected content. The sites …

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YIFY founder retiring, but uploads to continue

The founder of YIFY Torrents, one of the most beloved movie rippers and uploaders in the torrent scene, has announced his impending retirement. However, he's urged fans not to be too upset, as YIFY will continue as always, with a new person at the helm and a few small changes. …

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ISP’s call out useless site blocks

The US is playing world police again and leaning on Switzerland this time to crack down on its high levels of piracy. However, not everyone is cool with that this time around, as local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been standing up and protesting the proposed site blocks. “The United …

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$100 gadget to block the NSA

John McAfee wants to protect us from the NSA, with a d-central device that communicates directly with your devices to create a private network – this network would be inaccessible to the government. The technology has been planned for a few years, but with the recent NSA leaks, work on …

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CNET can keep its torrent client downloads, court rules


Last week we heard how a coalition of artists and one billionaire had targeted CNET's Download.com with legal action, hoping that the court would ban it from distributing the file sharing software uTorrent. However a court has now ruled that the site is more than within its right to continue …

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Labels, not musicians make money from record sales

Music Earnings

While this might be something a lot of people have known about for a long time, it's not what you'd hear trumpeted by most big music labels. The claims often made by these corporations is that without album sales, musicians starve – it's why they go after pirates so much. …

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US refutes Dotcom entrapment claims


Kim Dotcom has been very vocal about his opinions of the US government and the way it treated him during his investigation, arrest and the shuttering of his file locker website, Megaupload – often suggesting that he was used to entrap himself through cooperation. US authorities are of course keen …

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First Pirate Bay server becomes museum exhibit


The Computer Museum in Linköping has continued to expand its exhibition on the past 50 years of file sharing by showing off the first ever Pirate Bay server. It's a pretty unremarkable looking PC base case filled with simple hardware, but what it represents to the online world is huge. …

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Demonoid just blinked its dead eyes


Demonoid, one of the world's most well known torrent trackers and search sites, has begun to show signs of life again, even if it is the bare minimum. Now if you attempt to visit the Demonoid.me page, you're redirected to a new domain: Demonoid.hk, which shows a “403 forbidden” status. …

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BitTorrent teams up with author for promotion

Tim Ferriss

BitTorrent Inc has announced that it is joining forces with author Tim Ferriss in order to promote his new book, off the back of US book retailers stating that they wouldn't sell anything that was published through Amazon. Unfortunately for Mr Ferris, that's where his latest book, “The 4-Hour Chef,” …

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Rapidshare reinstates high speed downloads for free users


File locker website Rapidshare has announced that it has removed download speed restrictions from free users, as part of a move to introduce what a spokesperson described as “more efficient counter measures” against piracy. The Rapidshare download limits, which prevented those with free accounts from downloading at speeds over 30Kb/s, were introduced …

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The Pirate Bay takes to the cloud, ditches servers

Pirate Bay Cloud

The Pirate Bay has announced the next step in its fight against authority take downs, by ditching its servers in favour of, “ascending into the next stage, the cloud.” “So, first we ditched the trackers. Then we got rid of the torrents,” begins the post on the website's blog. “Now? Now …

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Google adsense banned author for Pirate Bay link

Cody Jackson

A self published author was banned from Google's adsense program after it was found he was using the torrent search site The Pirate Bay to distribute his work, linking to the content from the same site that Google's ads were appearing. Cory Jackson, author of a book on Python programming, …

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Filesonic and Oron in court over porn

Filesonic Oron

File locker websites Filesonic and Oron have been served with legal papers by pornographic company Flava Works. In court with the sites' representatives, are 26 individuals that purportedly shared links of the copyright protected content on the sites as well as publicising links to it elsewhere. Flava works is alleging, …

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Torrent trackers to come back online

Open Bit Torrent

Two of the world's biggest torrent trackers, OpenBitTorrent (OBT) and Public BitTorrent (PBT), have announced their plans to return to operation, concluding the protest against uTorrent parent company BitTorrent Inc. A couple of weeks ago, we reported on how both trackers voluntarily ceased operation in an attempt to force the …

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Global anti-piracy strategy revealed in leaked report

IFPI Report

A secretive report written by the IFPI – that purports to represent the music industry worldwide – has been inadvertently made available online. In it, the group and its leader detail plans to deal with piracy and major recording labels around the world. The 30 page document is dated for …

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File share admin arrested for selling user info

Tex Willer

The administrator of several Italian file sharing websites has been arrested after selling on the information of some 300,000 of his users. While the sites themselves were shut down last November, with such a number of users between them, the owner who went by the online pseudonym of Tex Willer, …

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Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom released on bail

It has been exactly a month and two days since Kim Dotcom and three of his high-ranking employees were arrested in Auckland over file-sharing and copyright allegations and today Mr Dotcom was granted bail. The other three have already been released on bail. The North Shore District Court (literally 5 minutes …

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