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Demonoid just blinked its dead eyes

Demonoid, one of the world's most well known torrent trackers and search sites, has begun to show signs of life again, even if it is the bare minimum. Now if you attempt to visit the Demonoid.me page, you're redirected to a new domain: Demonoid.hk, which shows a “403 forbidden” status.

According to the Whois directory for the new domain, it was registered on the 8th December last year to the Instra Corporation, from Melbourne Australia. Whether this is the future home of Demonoid remains to be seen. TorrentFreak has it that the tracker has gone up and down in recent days but remains the latter for now.

Demonoid has been down for over six months before and came back, why not this time too?

Whether Demonoid will eventually return to former glory remains to be seen, but it's gone down for extended periods in the past and eventually come back to full strength.

In this latest episode in the life of Demonoid, it went down after a hacking attack in mid 2012. This was immediately followed by a criminal investigation in Mexico against the site's owners. Since then the Demonoid team has remained pretty silent, apart from seemingly putting the Demonoid domain up for sale. There was a flicker of life when the tracker appeared again a few months ago, but since then there's been little in the way of developments.

KitGuru Says: Any of you guys got your fingers crossed for Demonoid? Or have you moved on to greener pastures?

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