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ISOHunt launches Pirate Bay clone site

ISOHunt, one of the bigger torrent sites still floating around today, has gone ahead and launched a fully functioning clone of The Pirate Bay, in an effort to “save the freedom of information on the Internet”. The site won’t be running forever though, if The Pirate Bay should ever return following …

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Demonoid just blinked its dead eyes


Demonoid, one of the world’s most well known torrent trackers and search sites, has begun to show signs of life again, even if it is the bare minimum. Now if you attempt to visit the Demonoid.me page, you’re redirected to a new domain: Demonoid.hk, which shows a “403 forbidden” status. …

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US cracking down on app piracy

FBI Seized

While organisations like the MPAA and RIAA get a lot of press for lobbying governments into taking down music and movie related file sharing sites, the US authorities have been targeting a new kind of piracy as well – app piracy. In a single swipe, the US government has taken …

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