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Silverstone goes thin and lite to launch Petite 13 at CES

As we've already reported, there is a big push from Silverstone at CES on cool and small. Which is a good thing. While the standard ‘Sugo' branding makes it hard to understand what exactly you're buying (means ‘sauce' in Italian) the ‘Petite' is a little clearer. KitGuru pulls out a tape measure to see if Silverstone has delivered with the pT13.

In a few of our meetings with top graphic card manufactures in 2012, two unusual topics kept popping up: The benefits of new technology for the digital signage industry and Did we know how much money there was/is in digital signage.

On the documentation for the Silverstone PT13, alongside a whole host of regular applications, it does say ‘an excellent choice for digital signage applications'.  If there is, indeed, money in this market – we wonder how many more products will extol their virtues for this application in 2013?

Back to the business of guru-ing the kit.

Silverstone's PT13 is an ultra compact case designed for thin Mini-ITX motherboards. Good examples include the Intel DH61AG and DQ77KB. With a profile that's only 1.68″ (4.25cm), it's hard to believe that it can accommodate desktop class CPUs (up to 65w) and even a 2.5″ SSD drive.

To give you an idea of the size of this thing, we have edited in an OCZ Vector SSD (to scale). Also, you can see it attached to the VESA slot at the back of a Samsung TV. It's a neat device - but has Intel got the ATOMic processing power to drive it?

As you would expect, the front panel is beautifully smooth/rounded and it has 2 USB ports – while at the back, there are a number of mounting options – including VESA.

As far as ‘access for building' is concerned, the whole lid swings open – maximising space for your fingers and cables.

Specification for the Silverstone PT13 that will launch at CES 2013

KitGuru says: From the first time we saw a Nokia Communicator, XBox 360 and Smart Car – we knew what the future was going to look like. Like Jon Favreau says in Friends, “Make it fit on the head of a pin, I love it when we do that”. The PT 13 might not be quite that small yet – but it's another step in the direction of ‘tiny' from Silverstone.

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