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Silverstone launches brand new ML04 HTPC chassis

Not many things in the world of full-blown, desktop technology products can be said to be 4 inches high. Some tower cases are big enough to house a family – in the case of the Silverstone TJ11. So when we heard that its new case was 10.5cm tall, we had …

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Silverstone launches FT03 Mini Fortress around £139

One of the most popular choices among enthusiasts is Silverstone. For a relatively small company, they have – over the years – released a number of surprising/amazing/desirable chassis. For 2012, they have decided to pack the goodness and style of the FT03 into a much smaller package. KitGuru shouts “I …

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Silverstone prepares FT03 Mini launch for May

It's hard not to love Silverstone. Sure there are a lot of companies out there who produce a greater diversity of chassis design – and then sell them in higher quantities – but Silverstone's quality is impeccable. Technical Marketing guru, Tony Ou, opens up the company's latest creation for your …

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