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US refutes Dotcom entrapment claims

Kim Dotcom has been very vocal about his opinions of the US government and the way it treated him during his investigation, arrest and the shuttering of his file locker website, Megaupload – often suggesting that he was used to entrap himself through cooperation. US authorities are of course keen to refute these claims.

According to the Wired breakdown, this all centres around a core few members that were using Megaupload to operate their own file sharing business through Ninjavideo. Treated like the ISP of these individuals, Megaupload was asked to hand over information on them and to remain quiet about it. This is despite the fact that the investigation into Megaupload was already under way and that eventually the movies shared by the Ninjas, were then used in Dotcom's court case to implicate him and his fellow defendants.

Despite being arrested over a year ago, Dotcom's extradition trial has still yet to take place

Dotcom's legal defence team claims that Megaupload was asked by us authorities to retain the files. The opposition camp says it did no such thing. “Megaupload's allegations are baseless, as even a cursory review of Megaupload's pleading and the search warrant materials at issue disproves the allegation that the government misled the court as part of a conspiracy to entrap Megaupload,” the government stated.

Dotcom and his attorney's maintain that it was their job to maintain “the status quo” until further instruction was received from the government.

KitGuru Says: Considering the way this investigation seems to have been handled, I wouldn't be surprised if Megaupload had deleted the files, if Dotcom and others would then have been indicted for destruction of evidence.

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