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Apple protected by Judge in separate phone cracking case

A judge has ruled that the American government is not legally entitled to force Apple to unlock an iPhone in a drug case, currently taking place in New York. Although entirely unrelated to the ongoing FBI demands of Apple with regards to the San Bernardino attacker's phone, this case is …

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Uber offices raided again by Chinese authorities

Technology focused taxi-booking service, Uber, is once again under investigation by Chinese authorities, with another team of police sent to the company's local headquarters. It's part of a new investigation, though it's not clear as to what crimes the authorities believe the firm has committed. Previously Uber was investigated for operating …

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Github hit by multi-day DDOS attack

The collaborative programming site GitHub has been hit by a sustained denial of service attack over the weekend, with suggestions that China may be behind it. While not entirely clear, it's thought that the reasoning may be to shut down projects designed to circumvent Chinese censorship tools. At last count …

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Kim Dotcom guests quizzed on NZ arrival

If you get invited to the Kim Dotcom mansion, get ready to spend some time at the airport. Recent guests of the internet entrepreneur, were detained at the international airport for up to seven hours after listing the Dotcom Mansion as their place of address for their trip to the …

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Japanese authorities to investigate Mt Gox closure

After the strange demise of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, Japanese authorities have pledged to investigate what happened to its business and the funds of its customers, many of whom lost hundreds and thousands of pounds worth of the digital currency when first Gox halted all withdrawals and finally shut down …

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US refutes Dotcom entrapment claims


Kim Dotcom has been very vocal about his opinions of the US government and the way it treated him during his investigation, arrest and the shuttering of his file locker website, Megaupload – often suggesting that he was used to entrap himself through cooperation. US authorities are of course keen …

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Dotcom accuses US authorities of lying to court

Kim Dotcom

Accusations have flown back and forth from both camps since the beginning of Megaupload founder, Kim Dotcom's extradition inquiries – the trial still has yet to start – and the latest one to be aimed at US authorities, is that they lied to the court to get hold of the …

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