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Dotcom accuses US authorities of lying to court

Accusations have flown back and forth from both camps since the beginning of Megaupload founder, Kim Dotcom's extradition inquiries – the trial still has yet to start – and the latest one to be aimed at US authorities, is that they lied to the court to get hold of the search warrants they needed to arrest Dotcom in his mansion.

According to the rundown by BusinessWeek, Dotcom and his staff had been actively taking part in the investigation, not knowing that it was they who were under scrutiny. “The government then came before this court, ex parte, with a selective, distorted account” to obtain the search warrants, Dotcom's US defense team said in court in Alexandria, Virgina.. “The government deliberately misled the court that signed the search warrants and failed to disclose material exculpatory information.”

Kim Dotcom
Kim Dotcom has been fighting his case since his arrest in early 2012

A New Zealand judge has already ruled that the warrants obtained and used within its borders were invalid. If the US ones are also found to be so, those attempting to prosecute Dotcom will find their position further weakened. With Dotcom's extradition trial set to take place some time in the early parts of this year, the outcome of this declaration could have a serious impact on whether he is able to stay in New Zealand.

KitGuru Says: While I don't think Kim Dotcom is the folk hero he's often made out to be, he does seem to have been unfairly targeted in this situation. The sheer lengths authorities appear to have gone in order to try and lock him up are staggering.

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