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Changing Xbox region will soon be simple

If you've ever moved abroad and attempted to take your Xbox Live account with you, you'll know what a headache it can be. It might take weeks to sort and you might need to actually use the telephone to talk to someone. Fortunately the days of that sort of interaction are at an end, as soon you'll be able to use a simple web interface to change your Xbox region.

Unfortunately this won't affect region locks on games, so importers close down that browser as it won't help you here. What it will do however, is allow you to use points you've accrued and access local services. There are some aspects that won't transfer, like access to Sky if you leave the UK and similar, but for the most part you'll be able to take your account as it was to your new home.

Transfer Tool
A screen grab of the tool in action. Source: Neowin

You won't be able to do this that often, so it's not designed for a quick holiday and back again. According to the NeoWin report on the feature's beta, you'll be able to change region once every three months. So I suppose if you're rocking WiFi on a trawler ship perhaps, it might work. I suppose.

Regardless, those that move house to sunnier shores, will be able to have their correct region set, which will be a relief to some no doubt.

KitGuru Says: Any of you guys flown off somewhere exotic only to have problems with your Xbox account? Let us know. It'd be good to have some first hand reports on how this tool will help.

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