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Nintendo 3DS can be made region-free with new exploit

People have been poking holes in Nintendo’s closed 3DS system for a little while now. At one point, you could emulate Gameboy Color games through the browser, one file modder found a way to bypass micro transactions in Pokemon Shuffle and now, there is a way to bypass the region …

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Dark Souls patch removes region lock

The Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC port has finally had its region lock patched out in a new update on Steam. The most recent update was announced by a Dark Souls developer on the Steam Community page. In an update on the Steam page, a developer wrote: “A …

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New Nintendo 3DS will be region locked

Just last week Nintendo announced the ‘new’ 3DS, a significant hardware upgrade over the original model. Since then, more and more details have been coming out surrounding the handheld, the most recent discovery is that Nintendo will be sticking with region locking, meaning that 3DS owners won’t be able to …

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Changing Xbox region will soon be simple

Transfer Tool

If you’ve ever moved abroad and attempted to take your Xbox Live account with you, you’ll know what a headache it can be. It might take weeks to sort and you might need to actually use the telephone to talk to someone. Fortunately the days of that sort of interaction …

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