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Samsung will launch multiple Tizen devices this year

Tizen is another open source mobile platform, similar to Google's Android, that is instead maintained by a primary decision making group. As you might have guessed from the title, one half of this governing body is Samsung; the other is Intel. Other partners include Huawei, Panasonic and the United States' carrier Sprint.

Samsung has recently confirmed that it will launch multiple Tizen based handsets this year. This number will vary depending on market conditions, or essentially how well the devices perform in retail. Given that Tizen is already supported by Sprint in the United States ann NTT DoCoMo in Japan the future is a lot more bright than it ever was for Samsung's last attempt at its own platform – the now ill-fated Bada.

It is has not been confirmed when the first Tizen devices will be announced but past rumours have hinted at a Mobile World Congress launch in late February.

KitGuru says: Is there really room in today's smartphone marketplace for another platform? We do feel the answer could be no.

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