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$100 gadget to block the NSA

John McAfee wants to protect us from the NSA, with a d-central device that communicates directly with your devices to create a private network – this network would be inaccessible to the government.

The technology has been planned for a few years, but with the recent NSA leaks, work on the device has intensified. It's about six months away from the prototype phase with a design already in place.

As far as hitting retail shelves goes, it may never happen as it could be criminalised. That said, John McAfee wants to sell this device to people even if it gets banned in the US. When asked about legal concerns he stated: Of course it will be used for nefarious purposes, just like the telephone is used for nefarious purposes.”

One of the main uses to come out if this could be long range local file sharing. This could make sharing movies and music across campus's undetectable, safe and reliable.


KitGuru Says: Considering this product has already being boasted as the NSA blocker, along with all the potential it has for encrypted file sharing, it's unlikely the US government will let this become a mainstream product. That said, John seems determined to get this out at any cost so maybe, while not a mainstream device, people could still get their hands on it.

Source: The Verge

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