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Intel announces most hackable gifts this Christmas


A new report from Intel Security has suggested less than two thirds of all consumers take the time to properly secure their new gadgets and with the Christmas period coming up, that likely means a lot of unsecured devices joining the Internet of Things. So at this busy time of year …

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John McAfee claims U.S. knows nothing about cybersecurity

John McAfee is claiming that the U.S. government is so “illiterate,” when it comes to protecting the country's digital assets, that he's unsure how it can even consider itself a world power any more. This came to light during a chat about the ex-anti-virus founder's recent offer to the FBI to …

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McAfee software warns against torrent sites

McAfee's online security scanner plus tool has begun extending its gaze across more than just your files, it's now looking at the types of sites you've been visiting too. It now warns you that certain torrent search and related websites could put your PC at risk. Granted the security scanner …

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$100 gadget to block the NSA

John McAfee wants to protect us from the NSA, with a d-central device that communicates directly with your devices to create a private network – this network would be inaccessible to the government. The technology has been planned for a few years, but with the recent NSA leaks, work on …

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McAfee uncover huge cyber attack

Security firm McAfee say they have uncovered a massive cyber attack, which has hit 72 organisations. McAfee say that a single ‘state actor' has initiated the intrusions. A Reuters report said “one security expert who has been briefed on the hacking said the evidence points to China.” The list of …

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EU announce concerns over Intel McAfee takeover

The European Union are showing an interest in the recent takeover of McAfee by Intel. Since Intel were fined $1.45 billion for anti trust behaviour they have been on the radar of the EU. The Wall Street Journal published a news story stating that a questionnaire is being circulated by …

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AVG and McAfee to merge within 6 months?

KitGuru reported that Intel bought McAfee yesterday for $7.68 billion. That's interesting enough. But when you consider Intel's other investments, it leads to some intersting possibilities. KitGuru investigates. When Jan Gritzbach and Tomas Hofer got together in 1991, it wasn't the AVG antivirus program they developed that had the biggest …

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Intel make a leap into security – McAfee buyover

News has just reached KitGuru that Intel are purchasing McAfee for $7.68 billion. If that makes your eyes water, then rest assured it won't make much of a dent in Intel's coffers. This move is one of the most dramatic in Intel's history as they clearly want a shift into …

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