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EU announce concerns over Intel McAfee takeover

The European Union are showing an interest in the recent takeover of McAfee by Intel. Since Intel were fined $1.45 billion for anti trust behaviour they have been on the radar of the EU.

The Wall Street Journal published a news story stating that a questionnaire is being circulated by European Union investigators regarding the take over deal.

The EU’s antitrust regulator has mentioned some apprehensions about the $7.68 billion acquisition during the preliminary assessment of the deal. This could lead to a more indepth analysis of the details of the McAfee acquisition and they have until the 12th of January 2011 to either issue a judgement on the take over or to initiate a more detailed review.

Some of the proposed questions revolve around the fact that Intel might give McAfee software exclusive or special access to some processor features, meaning that the products could run better.

KitGuru says: Would Intel help to fine tune McAfee software to push sales for users of their processors?

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