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Intel buries McAfee – never wants to hear name again

The technology industry is often full of amazing/exciting products and hopelessly dull people. Not always, but usually. The latest rumour on the grapevine is that one of the oldest brands in the market has decided to end its association with one of the most volatile names. KitGuru avoids inhaling while listening to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich at CES. 

One of KitGuru’s favourite characters in recent years has been the unpredictable John McAfee. Now, it seems, that Intel has had enough of the excitement and wants the name put in a sack, with bricks, and introduce him to the business end of an Atlantic storm off the coast of Wales.

The older folk among you will remember McAfee as a purveyor of an Anti Virus product with a dubious reputation.

Younger folks will more likely remember McAfee’s videos, like the one below [Parental Advisory – Ed].

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Lost Wages, Intel has announced that McAfee will be buried, but the ‘Red Shield’ will be kept as a permanent tombstone to remind folks where the Intel Security logo came from.

While we respect Intel's Krzanich chosing the red SHIELD, we feel safer with the original
While we respect Intel’s Krzanich chosing the red SHIELD, we feel safer with the original

Ignoring Microsoft’s policy of invoicing everyone they ever meet for anything they ever touch, Krzanich has confirmed that Intel will protect much of the mobile world ‘free of charge’.

Wow…   Heroes one and all.

Essentially, Intel wants to be a leader/one stop shop for security, and it’s happy to give away safety onto decides where it has already taken a healthy margin for the CPU etc.

Here’s a reminder of McAfee’s finest hour [Not safe for work etc – Ed].

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKgf5PaBzyg’]

KitGuru says: We will miss John McAfee snorting strange powders while talking about Intel product. Dull times ahead.

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