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McAfee software warns against torrent sites

McAfee's online security scanner plus tool has begun extending its gaze across more than just your files, it's now looking at the types of sites you've been visiting too. It now warns you that certain torrent search and related websites could put your PC at risk.

Granted the security scanner is just a diagnostics tool, so it can't do more than wag its finger at you and suggest that you don't visit those sites again, but it's throwing up “suspicious link” warnings for the chaps over at TorrentFreak, though with some inconsistency. Apparently ThePirateBay is sometimes a problem and sometimes not; it depends what sort of mood the scanning tool is in.

‘Try our do-nothing software today!'

This could well be part of the expansion McAfee is trying to make into anti-piracy measures, where its software would block potentially illegal content and offer up legal alternatives. While that seems like it could throw up more problems than it causes, there are certainly some organisations that would love to have that on their internal machines.

However for commercial success, it's certainly going to have to do a lot better than suggesting The Pirate Bay (or its thousands of proxy sites, which likely aren't all warned against) is a naughty place to visit. Trust me McAfee, there's a lot worse sites out there than TPB. A lot worse.

KitGuru Says: It seems ironic that McAfee throws up warnings over such simple things, when the company's founder has become such a brilliantly sarcastic, outlaw

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