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Sony releases official PlayStation Unboxing

A lot of PS4 unboxing videos have been hitting the web in the past few days, be it Wired, Francis or T3, but we’ve not quite seen one as 80s inspired as the latest one. This time around it’s official and features a pair of expensive looking leather gloves.

The tagline of the whole video is Greatness Awaits and with a backdrop like that, nobody is going to disagree:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQUpg795iBo’]

The video opens to a lot of flashing lights and buttons, suggesting we could well be inside “Mother,”, WOPR or part of  the Gibson. From there a man with exquisite taste in hand wear shows us the internals of the box, including the manual, quick start guide, power adapter and of course the console itself.

There are other more detailed unboxings out there, but this one is certainly has the most blinky lights, which automatically makes it the best.

I like to imagine this was so he didn’t leave prints

The PS4 is set to launch in North America on 15th November and on the 29th in Europe. 

Kitguru Says: The launch of this machine is getting pretty damn close now – especially if you’re in America. Are any of you eagerly awaiting your pre-order?

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