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Microsoft bans early release Xbox One console

While most of the world and his dog needs to wait until 22nd November to get their hands on an Xbox One, that’s not necessarily the case for everyone. US retail chain Target has admitted it made a mistake and has been shipping out Xbox One consoles to pre-order customers. Understandably however, those same pre-order customers are excited and want to show off, so of course they’ve been uploading videos, which hasn’t left Microsoft in the best of moods.

One such user put up a video of what it’s like to setup an Xbox One:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P8h3ZJbmeY’] Wow that initial boot takes a while huh?

A quick button tutorial appears right away, before you get to a language and location selection and after that, it’s update time. He then tries to download an update and once he’s gotten his WiFi password right, is informed that his console has been banned – presumably for going online before the release date, though that hardly seems his fault.

‘Press A to brick your £500 console’

Not necessarily the smartest move for Microsoft considering its recent spate of bad PR with the Xbox One, especially since the guy involved in this situation didn’t do anything wrong. Let’s just hope the guys atKotaku are right and that these bans turn out to be temporary. 

KitGuru Says: I like all the details you can see in the TV’s reflection. There’s the guy in the corner with his hands in his short pockets, who’s standing all stiff. There’s some crutches learning on a sofa and around the edge of the screen, there’s a sweet looking chest. I bet there’s a guitar shaped hole cut out of it

If anyone wants to ‘hack’ this guy’s WiFi too, it would be extremely easy since the world now knows his password. 

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