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Avast buys up AVG, could dominate free anti-virus market


Of the free anti-virus and anti-malware programs out there, Avast and AVG are two of the most popular. Now though whichever one you opt for, Avast will benefit, as it's purchased its rival anti-virus firm for a total of $1.3 billion. It now hopes to offer “more advanced,” services to …

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John McAfee claims U.S. knows nothing about cybersecurity

John McAfee is claiming that the U.S. government is so “illiterate,” when it comes to protecting the country's digital assets, that he's unsure how it can even consider itself a world power any more. This came to light during a chat about the ex-anti-virus founder's recent offer to the FBI to …

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Former employees say Kaspersky faked malware to damage rivals

Kaspersky anti-virus is being accused by several former employees of attempting to have competitor anti-virus software flag up false-positives that would discredit the programs and potentially even damage the systems of users. According to those same sources, which have remained anonymous for obvious reasons, this was to improve Kaspersky's standing, …

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Apple is apparently cracking down on iOS anti-virus apps

Apple is apparently cracking down on the use of anti-virus apps on iOS and has started removing them from the App Store. According to Apple, these apps are ‘misleading’ as it doesn’t want customers to think that iOS devices are at great risk of viruses or malware. This report follows …

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McAfee software warns against torrent sites

McAfee's online security scanner plus tool has begun extending its gaze across more than just your files, it's now looking at the types of sites you've been visiting too. It now warns you that certain torrent search and related websites could put your PC at risk. Granted the security scanner …

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John McAfee arrested in Guatemala

The man behind one of the most well known names in home PC security, John McAfee has been arrested in Guatemala for entering the country illegally. He has been on the run for several days in neighbouring country Belize, after being described as a person of interest by the authorities, …

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Kaspersky needs your help with Gauss malware warhead

Captain Kapersky

Anti-virus maker and web security firm Kaspersky Lab, has begun reaching out to the world wide community with a plea for help. It's looking for those interested in cryptology, numerology and maths, with the hope that someone will be able to help it crack an encryption key for a warhead …

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