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John McAfee arrested in Guatemala

The man behind one of the most well known names in home PC security, John McAfee has been arrested in Guatemala for entering the country illegally. He has been on the run for several days in neighbouring country Belize, after being described as a person of interest by the authorities, with regards to the murder of his neighbour.

The story of an anti-virus maker connected with a murder, who was on the run in a central American country of course got hipster film-makers Vice interested. Unfortunately in meeting up with Mr McAfee the organisation accidentally revealed his whereabouts through image location data in the photo. Ultimately this led to Mr McAfee being arrested and detained by the Guatemalan authorities – even though he died his beard, hair and eyebrows to make it harder for him to be found.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWqiVhRa0xI’]

According to Vice he has hired the “best lawyer in the country,” former attorney general Telésforo Guerra and uncle of McAfee’s 20 year old girlfriend, Sam Venegas. “I’ve been on the run for three weeks,” McAfee said to Mr. Guerra. “I crossed the border into Guatemala with the reporters from VICE and your niece. We have passports, but we have no entry stamps into Guatemala or exit stamps from Belize. I need a lawyer, sir.”

KitGuru Says: It seems so strange that all of this comes from the same man that laid the foundations for an anti-virus company.

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