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Study finds Google’s latest ads to be more effective than Apple’s

If you’ve been watching a lot of TV, either because of the Olympics or out of pure laziness chances are you would have noticed of two different ad campaigns from the two largest giants in the mobile space.

First off, Google’s ad captures father and son in the wilderness, which turns out to be their backyard where they use the Nexus 7 tablet for a variety of tasks. Ace Metrix gave the “Camping” advertisement a score of 662 out of a possible 950.

Secondly, Apple launched the “Genius” set of ads which show an Apple Genius Bar employee helping seemingly normal and competent people complete relatively normal tasks on their Apple products. Considering Apple boasts that their products and software are easy to use, this goes against the grain. Of the three ads released thus far only one was ranked in the upper half of Ace Metrix’s effectiveness scale.

KitGuru says: Google’s ad builds some kind of friendship with the viewer, meanwhile Apple’s goes against what they are generally known for. Google wins this advertising campaign.

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