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Apple patent suit against Motorola dismissed

Apple have had their patent suit against Motorola Mobility thrown out by a Federal judge. Apple had planned a case against Motorola for $12.5 billion, claiming that Motorola practises were unfair.

According to the New York Times Judge Barbara B. Crabb questioned if she had the legal authority to hear the Apple claims, and on Monday dismissed the case. Apple claimed the judge had that authority. After the ruling Apple declined to comment, although Google said they were ‘pleased’.

Apple have been filing lawsuits against Google across the globe and their partners Samsung Electronics, who use the Android operating system. Apple are saying that Android is a copy of the iOS smartphone software which is used in the iPhone.

Apple have accused Google in a Wisconsin lawsuit that they are demanding too high a royalty for some of their ‘standard essential patents’. The New York Times published a report which said “Judge Crabb had said that she might decide what a fair royalty for Motorola’s patents should be. In a court filing last week, Apple argued that it would not consider itself bound by Judge Crabb’s rate if it exceeded $1 per iPhone.”

Kitguru says: The legal wranglings are far from over.

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