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Barnes & Noble axe Nook pricing

Barnes and Noble have decided to cut the pricing of their popular Nook Color and tablet computers as they face stiff competition from the likes of Google and Amazon.

The Google Nexus will hit the market for only $199 and Amazon are expected to release an update to their Kindle range of tablet systems, at a low price point.

The Nook Color has dropped in price by $20 to $149. The 8GB and 16GB versions have dropped in price to $179 and $199 respectively. They hope to enhance sales with the new price points.

Jamie Lannone, president of digital products at Barnes and Noble said in a statement “Our Reader’s Tablets have consistently been the highest rated products by the leading technology experts and now they’re available for the lowest prices ever.”

Companies have to maintain the lowest possible price point if they want to achieve any volume of sales, especially in this sector.

The latest rumours are persisting – Apple may indeed release a 7 inch iPad to compete against Amazon, Google and Barnes and Noble. Apple’s pricing will obviously be higher, but with their reputation and market dominance in the high end, they are likely to push a higher volume of sales, even with a price premium.

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