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Bing gets bonged by Yandex

BING has been playing second fiddle to Google now for as long as we can remember, however the situation has gotten worse for Microsoft as their search engine has fallen in ranking to Russian search engine Yandex.

The information has been released by ComScore, showing Yandex as hitting a higher number of users in November and December 2012, than Microsoft’s Bing.

Google search is obviously still number 1 with a total of 114.7 billion searches, claiming 65.2 percent of the market share. Baidu, a Chinese search engine has held in second place with 8.2 percent of the market share, totaling 14.5 billion searches. Yahoo! hit third place with 4.9 percent market share and 8.6 billion searches.

Bing - drops below Russian search client Yandex.

Bing, previously in fourth, dropped below Yandex, who claimed 2.8 percent of the market share with 4.8 billion searches. Bing hit fifth position with 2.5 percent of the market share and 4.4 billion searches.

Yandex is immensely popular in Russian speaking parts of the world, handling 60 percent of searches in Russia alone.

Kitguru says: Bing outperformed by Yandex. Microsoft will not be happy.

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