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Floating cinema hits London

The British Arts Organisation have joined up with Duggan Morris Architects and UP Projects to launch the ‘Floating Cinema’. This is hitting the waterways of East London until the end of September. Duggan Morris have created an award winning design which has taken a barge and turned it into a portable, floating cinema theatre.

UP Projects originally launched a movie house in 2011 but didn’t launch it in 2012 due to the Olympics. The barge is powered by a hybrid engine which runs on biofuel. This year it is touring London urban waterways while handling a series of screenings, events and workshops.

Above the deck the projection suite is built inside a semi opaque cubic structure and gets an illumination during film sessions. The floating cinema also has the capability of projecting out onto an exterior fixed surface, meaning it could target a large audience onshore as well.

Onboard, there is a small movie theatre with projection hardware and audio equipment to cater to a small. intimate audience.

Competition comes from London based Floating Films, located aboard the SB Repertor, a classic 1920’s Thames sailing ship. This is currently docked at the St Katherine’s Docks in London. It has a 40 seat indoor theatre.

Kitguru says: heading for a night out in London? be sure not to miss this!

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