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Flaw found in Xerox Scanner software

This week a flaw was found in Xerox scanners and copiers. The issue meant that numbers in scanned documents were being randomly changed without the input of the user.

A scientist posted his findings in a blog, showing the results of the error from various Xerox scanners. He used real life copies to highlight the problems and changes.

The error was apparently caused by the way the software compresses the copies. The devices all use a system called JBIG2 which attempts to make each copy as small as possible. The software will use ‘similar’ areas on a page rather than the original data that is on the page. The software does have a margin for error and it can explain why some digits may change for instance.

Xerox got in touch with CCL and posted a blog editorial relating to the problem. Xerox do not believe the issue is related to when a user changes settings to improve compression.
The two solutions are below :

“Reset Scanning Defaults:  Xerox is providing a guide demonstrating how to check the current device scan settings and how to return them to factory default.
Apply a Software Patch:  Xerox is developing a software patch that can be remotely downloaded to each device.  The software patch will disable the highest compression mode thus completely eliminating the possibility for character substitution.  Xerox will begin rolling out the patch within a few weeks”.

KItguru says: If your numbers don’t match up, this may be the reason!

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