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40 inch Toshiba HDTV with DVD drops to £339 ahead of 4k HD

Serious followers of KitGuru will know that we have been tracking the advances being made in Quad HD TV for a very long time. As the new generation of visual entertainment prepares to land in our living rooms, what happens to the existing dinosaurs?  A shot sent in by an eagle-eyed reader makes us realise just how high [Low? – Ed] the bar is being raised.

When KitGuru brought you the news that Seiki was launching a 39″ 4K TV into Sears in the USA for just $699, we knew that the end for regular LED TVs was about to begin.

Sure, there will always be marginal/unusual brands doing deals, but to get a special price from Sony, Samsung, Toshiba etc – takes a little more work.

The deal that landed in our inbox this morning shows a Toshiba with the following top line specification:-

  • 40″ screen
  • Full HD at 1920x1080p
  • LED Backlight Technology
  • USB, HDMI and PC Inputs
  • DVD Player
  • £339

It's really the last line that is the killer here. At just £339, what market is there for any other kind of LED/LCD/Plasma TV ahead of the arrival of 4K in volume?

Hello Tosh, got a Toshiba?
Hello Tosh, got a Toshiba?


KitGuru says: There are plenty of graphic cards in the market that cost more than this HD TV/DVD combo. By any standard, it does seem to represent amazing value. But it won't stand alone – other manufacturers will be forced to follow and if Toshiba occupies the £339 slot, then the weaker brands will need to get UNDER that figure. Interesting times ahead.

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