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Apple aren’t investing in Twitter

The New York Times recently published a story that said Apple were in talks to invest a serious amount of case into social networking site Twitter. The claims were that the investment would raise Twitters company valuation to $10 billion.

The Wall Street Journal have argued the original story claiming “there are no current formal investment or acquisition discussions between the companies.” They say that although talks did happen a year ago nothing has been confirmed and no deal has been agreed.

The Verge published a solid article on the subject explaining why they felt the Times published the report. It would appear that someone wanted to use Apple as a way to strengthen Twitters perceived worth in light of a generally poor financial scene in Silicon Valley.

They said “Apple is the closest thing we have to a sure-thing technology company. If private markets’ valuations and Facebook shares aren’t worth what we thought they were, where do we turn? The surest way to get everyone to believe that these companies are worth a fortune is to show that slow, steady, cash-rich, acquisition-averse Apple thinks they’re worth a fortune. That’s the nearest thing to a gold standard.”

Kitguru says: So for now, it would appear that Apple won’t be directly involved with Twitter.

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