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Ballmer says India is important for Windows 8 success

Microsoft have said that India will play an integral part in the success of Windows 8 when it is released later this year.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said “India is obviously an incredible bastion of software development. Living in India and living aboard, the talent base is rich and unbelievable and certainly galvanizing the developer community in India, here in Mumbai and elsewhere in the country to get excited to see the possibilities and re-imagine Windows 8.”

Windows 7 has sold very well in India and Microsoft will be hoping on a similar story for the replacement operating system, primarily designed for the mobile market. When Windows 7 was released, a year later in 2010 over 7,000 businesses had adopted it. According to research by CIO Association of India, around 80 percent were planning to deploy it by 2011.

Windows 8 will be able to run on ARM devices, as well as the X86 architecture. The target for ARM chips means they can potentially take a higher percentage of the mobile market, alongside Apple's iOS and Google's Android. Windows Phone 7 has failed to excite the consumer market, so Windows 8 has a lot riding on it.

Kitguru says: Microsoft also plan on expanding into cloud computing and their IT infrastructure services.

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