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Bartendro robot mixes drinks: powered by Raspberry Pi

The summer months are coming up soon, and what better time to start planning BBQ’s and house parties? Enter the Bartendro robot, currently running for funding on Kickstarter.

The Bartendro is powered by a Raspberry Pi system, which is connected to a router board. This is then hooked up to 15 peristaltic pumps which can dispense a specific amount of liquid with rotations of their motors. Electronics inside have fine control over the amount of liquid dispensed from each nozzle.

The Bartendro system is all open source and the people responsible hope that they can get some backing for it. There are other applications possible from a similar automated system also, such as serving hot drinks and even taking credit card payments.

The drinks can be set up via the backend system. When a person wants a drink, they connect to the Bartendro network and open a browser, much like when hooking into a NAS system on your network. The user then selects the drink they want and the Bartendro will accurately create the drink from the connected liquids.

The guys are planning multiple versions of the Bartendro device, with a ShotBot entry level version for only $299, up to the Bartendro 15 which costs a whopping $2,999. The more dispensers you have in the system, the more complex and wider range of drinks you can make.

At time of publication they have raised $54,000 of a $135,000 goal. See more at Kickstarter here.

Kitguru says: Ideal for those long UK hot summer months which normally last a couple of days?

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