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Dixons to stock Microsoft Surface RT in 2013

We reported a few days ago that Microsoft were aiming to get their Surface RT tablet stocked in retail stores, in the efforts to generate more sales. According to The Register the deal is close to being signed, but the fine details are holding it back.

Microsoft are pushing the tablet into American retail stores to get their visibility improved. This is a complete turnaround from their initial plan of just selling the tablet online and via their own retail stores. Recent reports indicated that Microsoft halved the production rate of the Surface RT, due to weak sales.

Microsoft Surface: needs help reaching a wider audience.

The company have confirmed that the US and Australian retail channel will get the Surface RT first, with other countries to follow.

Kitguru says: You may be seeing the Surface RT in DSG group stores in January, but it depends on how long they take to come to an agreement.

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