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Facebook, the first company to be valued at $1 trillion?

Social networking has been the topic of conversation for many news articles in recent months and when you look at the traffic figures, it is understandable. Facebook for instance was the first website to top 1 trillion page views in a single month.

As the topic of money always comes up, UK tech site TheRegister are reporting that they feel the potential is for Facebook to be worth considerably more than Google. Google are valued at $175 billion, and Facebook is valued at $75 billion, which they say is ‘certainly too low’. With 750 million users on the platform, the potential for revenue is incredible. Facebook are also dominating MySpace, by not making the same mistakes. BusinessWeek say: “The company hasn’t tried to be all things to all people. It has focused on building a solid, open platform that developers want to build on. Just like Microsoft before it.”

The WSJ spoke to Kevin Ryan, the CEO of AlleyCorp and he had some interesting things to say. “I’ve said that it (Facebook) has a chance at being the first trillion-dollar company. Do I think it will be? No, that’s a stretch. I definitely think it’s worth easily $100 billion. And I think when it goes public it will probably be worth maybe even $200 billion.”

Kitguru says: It may be some time off, but will they become the first company ever to be valued at $1 trillion? Can they beat Apple to the punch?

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