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Google update Maps for iOS

Google have updated their MAPS application for iOS just after they the company updated it for Android.

The latest version of Google Maps for iOS now includes almost all the features that Android using have been enjoying for a week. The new iOS version can be downloaded now and it includes support for all handsets and tablets running iOS 6 – the iPod Touch, the iPad and the iPhone.

The new application is a redesign with some new features, featuring a focus on discovery.

Google have added an updated search results parameter which will display red icons of locations that meet your search terms. The addition of new ‘info sheets’ at the bottom of the screen can be swiped to navigate through the red dot search results. If a search result is interesting you can pull up the information sheet from the bottom of the screen and get more detailed reviews of the destination, including photographs and review information from Google+.
google maps

Explore is an option to read about nearby locations. The software will add locations for shopping, eating establishments and even entertainment options near your location.

The iPad gets native support now which will be a relief for many users. There is no more upscaling on the iPhone application and dealing with a blurry interface. iPad users will also get additional user interface elements to work better on a larger screen.

Wired add “Google’s desire is to create true parity across its mobile Maps platform, and the iOS version of the app contains almost all the same features of the Android version. The one exception is that dynamic map rerouting isn’t available yet on iOS. But, Google UX lead of mobile maps Darren Delaye said that rerouting will be coming to iOS “soon.” That’s the only bad news, but cyclists should be happy that iOS is finally getting biking directions. Now you can figure out the best route to the bicycle shop to get lights put on your bike for night riding.”

Kitguru says: a welcome update for Apple users.

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