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AMD FX9590 price drops from £719.99 to £659.99

For those AMD gamers who want a piece of the new ultra high end pie ARIA have a deal on the AMD FX9590 right now – the price on launch was £719.99, but it has dropped to £659.99. Our review stated around £700, so you can save £40 now and pick one up for a new system. Apparently the part was only destined for system builders, but as we said in our review it was going to hit the retail channel. It has.

Just be sure you get the right motherboard and a capable high end cooler to support it properly.


Buy one over here.

If you can’t afford the price, then ARIA have good deals on the Intel Core i7 4770k, for only £251.99 inc vat, or the AMD FX8350 at ocuk  for only £159.95 inc vat. – Deals-R-US!

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