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HDMI cable scam: John Lewis & Curry’s respond to Kogan

A couple of days ago we ran a story relating to HDMI cables, and the current UK pricing, which many people have considered a rip off for years. Kogan got involved and they emailed us today to let us know that John Lewis and Currys responded to their pricing investigation.

They posted about this on their blog page today: “It’s time this practice ended, and we challenge Currys and John Lewis to set up two of their “Premium 3D TVs” – one with their £100 HDMI cable, the other with the Kogan £4 HDMI cable. Put them side by side and let their own spokespeople try and pick which one uses which cable. We know there’s no chance they’ll be able to and will probably ignore our challenge.

Of course, if a side-by-side blind test reveals that there is no difference between a Kogan £4 HDMI cable and the cables Currys and John Lewis stock, we expect they will immediately cease selling these overpriced, high-margin products in their stores.”

They feel strongly about their £4 HDMI cable adding “We’ve sold thousands of Kogan £4 HDMI cables around the world and have not had a single one returned for any reason – let alone lacking “durability”. What are these retailers pretending their customers are doing with their HDMI cables that makes them need £100 worth of “durability”? Do they think we’re taking the HDMI cables four wheel driving with us? You plug the cable in, it works, and you forget about it!”

Kogan got a response from DSGi, the parent company of John Lewis and Curry’s.

“We sell a large range of HDMI cables with different specifications and prices tailored to our customers’ needs, It’s not just about the quality of signal and image that HDMI cables can provide, particularly in higher-end televisions, it is also about the protection from interference and the long-time durability of the cables.”

A spokeswoman for John Lewis said that the retailer offered a “wide range of options” with cable prices starting from £20 to £99. “We advise customers to consider purchasing an HDMI cable which matches the quality of their television’s components,” she added. “For instance, a cable suitable for a premium 3D TV would not be required for many of our mid-range TVs. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, and will always aim to advise our customers to buy the product that is right for them.”

Have you bought an HDMI cable recently? did you spent a lot of money on one? Did you notice a difference between it and a cheaper alternative or did you just jump in and buy something expensive?

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