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iPad 3 retina display, pixels analysed

With the launch of the iPad coming ever closer, there is much hype about the new ‘retina’ display. But what exactly does this mean for the customer?

Well we know that the resolution will be much higher than the iPad or iPad 2, coming in at a staggering 2048×1536 pixels. Apple have had to upgrade both graphics and cpu processing to accommodate the new super high resolution panel.

The new Retina screen will quadruple the number of pixels. Macrumors discovered the new panel and passed it over to iFixit who are well known for their iPhone, iPad and iPod repairs. They created a video highlighting the new panel.

The new panel has a different connector to the iPad 2, so iFixit were also unable to get it hooked up. iFixit tried to remap the pins of the two displays in a DIY arrangement, but said there was little likelihood of a successful pairing with an iPad 2.

They did analyse the screen under a microscope. The images above show the increased resolution of the upcoming iPad 3 panel. How this will translate in the real world has yet to be seen, but we can be sure to see a ton of new games on the Apple store with super high resolutions. Let’s hope the hardware can cope with the huge demand being placed on the graphics hardware.

Kitguru says: The hype will continue until launch day.

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