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Kindle ‘Paperwhite’ images leak online

Amazon are expected to announce a new Kindle next week however images of an upcoming tablet have leaked online, courtesy of The Verge.

The images highlight the new device which looks very similar to older devices from Amazon. The button below the display has been removed and the bezel is now much darker. The device is said to promise ‘higher contrast, high resolution, eight weeks of battery life and integrated lighting’.

The images are said to be part of a promotional campaign for the French audience. The device is being referred to as the ‘Kindle Paperwhite’ which would seem to focus on the added contrast between device and screen text. Whether this will be the final retail name is not yet confirmed.

The screen is using a new Pearl E Ink display with blacker text and a whiter background.

Kitguru says: We know this will be competitively priced and surely a big seller for Amazon, as people upgrade to the new model.

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